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  • Артикул: 6SL32550AA004JA2
  • Код товара: УТ000566720
  • Страна: GB
  • Производитель: Siemens
  • Вес: 0.16 кг
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  • Ширина упаковки: 80 мм
  • Высота упаковки: 45 мм
  • Длина упаковки: 130 мм
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The Intelligent Operator Panel IOP‑2 is a very user-friendly and powerful operator panel for the SINAMICS G120, SINAMICS G120C, SINAMICS G120X, SINAMICS G110D, SINAMICS G120D, SINAMICS G110M and SIMATIC ET 200pro FC‑2. The IOP‑2 supports both newcomers and drive experts. Thanks to the membrane keyboard with a central sensor control field, high-contrast color displays, menu-based operation and application wizards, it is easy to commission drives. A drive can be essentially commissioned without having to use a printed parameter list – as the parameters are displayed in plain text, and explanatory help texts and the parameter filtering function are provided. Application wizards interactively guide you when commissioning important applications such as conveyor technology, pumps, fans and compressors. There is a basic commissioning wizard for general commissioning. Up to two process values can be graphically visualized and up to four process values can be numerically visualized on the status screen/display. Process values can also be displayed in technological units. The IOP‑2 supports standard commissioning of identical drives. For this purpose, a parameter list can be copied from a converter into the IOP‑2 and downloaded into other drive units of the same type as required. The IOP‑2 can be installed in control cabinet doors using the optionally available door mounting kit. Updating the IOP‑2 The IOP‑2 can be updated and expanded using the integrated USB interface. Data to support future drive systems can be transferred from the PC to the IOP‑2. Further, the USB interface allows user languages and wizards that will become available in the future to be subsequently downloaded and the firmware to be updated for the IOP‑2 1). The IOP‑2 is supplied with power via the USB interface during an update. IOP‑2 Handheld Особенности New device design Intuitive user interface – membrane keyboard with central sensor control field High-contrast color display with a range of display options IOP‑2 device design open for future functional expansions (e.g. device functions, wizards, languages) Easily upgradable to new functional status via USB interface Commissioning Simple commissioning via wizards The "Fieldbus Interface Settings“ wizard is used for easy configuration of the Ethernet interface Fast standard commissioning of converters thanks to cloning function For quicker access, the parameter block names can be directly entered respectively changed on the IOP-2 using the virtual keyboard. Simple local commissioning on-site using the handheld version Operator control and monitoring Simple, individual local drive control (start/stop, setpoint value specification, change in direction of rotation) Application-specific scenarios such as operator concepts with additional external operating elements can be implemented easily Simple cloning of specific settings of the IOP-2 user interface, such as status screen, language settings, lighting duration, date/time settings, parameter backup mode and “My Parameters” - settings made once can such be easily transferred to many further IOP‑2 Intelligent Operator Panels Diagnostics Rapid diagnostics thanks to on-site plain text display Integrated plain text help function for local display and resolution of fault messages Support function Used to determine the drive data for the Power Module, Control Unit and IOP‑2 (article number, serial number, firmware version, error statuses) and makes this available as a two-dimensional code (data matrix/QR code) Allows easy contact with Customer Support via a data matrix/QR code generated on the IOP‑2 Quick access via mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets) to product information, documentation, FAQs, contact persons via a two-dimensional code generated on the IOP‑2 (data matrix/QR code) Scanning and evaluating of the two-dimensional data matrix code using the Industry Online Support app (, see also: Интеграция Using the IOP‑2 with the converters ● SINAMICS G120 with CU230P‑2, CU240E‑2 or CU250S‑2 ● SINAMICS G120C ● SINAMICS G120X ● SINAMICS G110D ● SINAMICS G120D ● SINAMICS G110M ● SIMATIC ET 200pro FC‑2 Plugging the IOP‑2 onto the converter (Voltage supply via converter) ✓ – Door mounting of the IOP‑2 with the door mounting kit (Voltage supply via converter. For this purpose, the IOP‑2 must be connected up by means of the connecting cable supplied with the door mounting kit.) ✓ – Mobile use of the IOP‑2 Handheld (supplied from rechargeable batteries) ✓ ✓ (RS232 connecting cable with optical interface required, article number 3RK1922‑2BP00) Door mounting Using the optionally available door mounting kit, an operator panel can be simply mounted in a control cabinet door with just a few manual operations. In the case of door mounting, the IOP‑2 Operator Panel achieves degree of protection IP55/UL Type 12 enclosure.